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The Winterborn team has been busy these last couple of months, here is what we have been up to:

  • Lots of work has been completed on the World Map and Valdorlin area is 95% done. Valdorlin is a large, rugged and beautiful land of fire and ice.
  • Concept art has been completed for the dark elf race and light elf is in progress.
  • List of common services and buildings has been created.
  • Lore for important areas has been created (towns, villages, cities, dungeons, etc)
  • Building of Valdorlin in UE5 has begun and had a lot of progress, I will share some scenes from Valdorlin thoon!
  • Layout work has begun for the two biggest cities. This includes topographical maps, building placement, and concept art. Then begins the building in UE5!
  • Work has begun on building skills for all races and classes.

If you are not sure what Winterborn is about, check this post:

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday!

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