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Winterborn is an MMOBIG (Massively Multiplayer Online Blockchain Integrated Game) in the style of a fantasy MMORPG. It is being developed on UE5 and is a Raptoreum community project. It is a unique an innovative project which will showcase how Blockchain (Raptoreum) can benefit and expand gaming for both players and game studios with an !.

It will be in a somewhat traditional fantasy theme but with some twists and a few custom classes and races to reflect Blockchain and RTM. You will have your traditional races such as light elf (frost), dark elf (fire), and Dwarf, but also have two fully custom classes, these being Primes and Raptors. The world will be large, immersive, and beautiful. Yes, there will be a salt mine.

The world will be opened up in stages, the first stage or biome is “Valdorlin (val= first, dor= cut/wound, lin= land) The Land of the First Wound”. This is the largest part of the world and is split by Winterborns two oldest races, Frost Elves and Dark Elves.

Winterborn is NOT play to earn, though there maybe some instances in-game where a player is rewarded some RTM. The amounts will be small and for fun / educational purposes.


– Active development on lore, quests, races.
– Active development on world building in ue5 (terrain, water, cities, towns, towers, ruins, etc..).
– Active development on custom class modelling.
– Active development on world map.


Charlie: Project management, web apps, infrastructure, taco master.
Binarai: Marketing & promotion, pie finger, salt mine lurker.
Jarl: Loremaster extraordinaire, world map development, class/character development, fantasy lover.
ZlataAmaranth: Concept art, modelling, class/character development, pencil-fu master.
Soru: Modelling (no, not bikinis), UE5 world development.
Virusfreeturtlecat: UE5 development & Raptoreum blockchain integration, magic fingers.
Nando: Consultant, blockchain integration, tractor ninja.
Aviator: UE5 world builder.


To be perfectly clear, this is a huge project. Building only a good MMORPG is already a massive undertaking, we are going well past that with Winterborn, doing things never done before, blazing trails. It relies greatly on passionate, driven, and imaginative Raptoreum community members donating their time and skills to drive the project forward.

SO, I cannot not give dates, the team does what it can, when it can. I will instead provide a planned “flow” of work. Many of these will be worked on simultaneously.

– Valdorlin world build (terrain, water, cities, ruins, towns, mines, etc).
– Race and class development, quest development.
– Item crafting requirements, recipes, materials, drop rates, etc.
– Atavism UE release.
– Skills and combat.
– Mobs and raids development and placement.
– RTM integration.
– AI integration (tentative).
– Alpha testing
– Beta testing
– Launch

Want To Help?

There are a couple of seats at the table of awesome available. Those seats at this time look like:

World and map development: Creating maps and layouts for the towns, ruins, dungeons, and cities, scattered around Valdorlin (based on the lore). We use mostly for this. These maps are used by ***Aviator*** for the building of the world in UE5.

Quest Development: Quests can make or break MMORPG style games, let’s break the mold and bring fun and interesting quests to Winterborn! If you think you can help with that, let me know.

Note: This is a longgg-term project, please only join us if you are in it for the long run.



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