The first game developed on the Raptoreum blockchain.
Seven classes. Build your character with each decision.

Prepare For The Adrenaline

Murderess. Collect. Craft. Fishing. Build.


Seven unique creatures.

Each one with different characteristics, a different story.

Kill, harvest and build

Create your character in your image and likeness.

Built on blockchain

The first game built on the Raptoreum blockchain.

Raptoreum as a mineral.

Our sacred coins will serve within the game.

Real objects or digital objects?

Both of course!

Every action within the game..

… will change the history of everything.

Looks To Kill

Show your skills

We believe in versatility. We want each character to be unique, that’s why each skill point, race, talent and skill will decide what class type your character is.

Assets & more

Real objects and NFTs

Bitknives are one a of a kind, hand forged knives that are battle ready pieces of art. A blending of our most ancient and important technologies (forged weapons), and our newest and most important technologies (blockchain).

Enter Into A World Of Fun

A large open world to conquer.

Demo races 5:29

Show video races

Demo classes 3:20

Show video classes

See the world 6:45

Show video world and map


System based on Windows


Processor: xxxx
RAM: xxxx
GPU: xxxx

System based on Linux



System based on Android

Minimun version 8.X

Processor: xxxx
RAM: xxxx
GPU: xxxx

System based on iOS (Apple)

Menimum version X

Processor: xxxx
RAM: xxxx
GPU: xxxx